West coast cure™

West Coast Cure is a potent and flavorful strain of cannabis that has gained much popularity due to its uplifting effects and unique flavor. This strain is a cross between the popular Gorilla Glue #4, and a mystery strain, believed to be an OG Kush. This strain is known for its high THC content and its delicious candy-like flavor profile, which include notes of pine, diesel, lemon, and more. This strain is also notable for its uniquely uplifting and creative effects, which make it ideal for socializing and creative activities. West Coast Cure is a great strain for those looking for an energizing, refreshing, and uplifting experience, and it is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and content.


Due to our popurlar badder and more recently our beautiful diamonds, consumers are certain they can trust the tech and quality behind all things CURE.


Fresh frozen flower that is harvested in the height of its beauty is converted into live resin sugar.

You will adore the drier consistency, which makes it simple to dab straight up or add to a bowl of flower to boost your high. It is packed with cannabinoids and delectable terpenes.


Our Live Rosin Fresh Press is our highest-grade extract, with terpenes held in until you heat it to your preferred temperature. It was extracted with icy water and pressed between low heated plates.

Our customers in the 710 community adore the shelf-stable, dab-friendly Live Rosin Cold Cure products that are produced by allowing this rosin to intensify under cold temperatures.




Given its potent aroma and flavor, live resin sauce is well-liked because it offers a unique and nuanced experience. THCa crystalline begins to degrade over the course of 4-6 weeks as the solvent is gradually eliminated.

The same strain’s High Terpene Extract (HTE) is then re-added to give the product its signature aroma when the jar’s lid is removed.


Our signature crystalized Diamonds are formed after being capped under 12-15 psi of pressure and 80 degrees for 12 weeks.

Loaded with THCA, it offers the elevated dabbers the purest form of cannabis concentrate available on the market today.


A cake batter consistency is attained by slowly and constantly whipping our live resin extract at 84 degrees.

The terpenes and THC-rich crystals build a consistent matrix as a result of this process, giving the product its wet appearance. This consistency makes dabbing with any smoking device simple and clean.


Every batch of our Top Shelf flower is hand-inspected, de-stemmed, and packaged at West Coast Cure. Our flower is popular among connoisseurs because of its consistency in quality and freshness.


The Top Shelf Indoor flower is distinguished by its high THC concentration and premium cannabis buds.

Our flower is carefully handled to preserve the essential terpenes and flavors by being gathered at its optimal maturity and curing it to perfection.

WCC’s Top Shelf Indoor flowers are kept in glass jars for your viewing enjoyment and are consistently fresh, fragrant, and potent.

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The top growers in California produce West Coast Cure’s Premium Flowers in small batches.

These terpene-rich flowers, which are cultivated in mixed light, greenhouse, farm, and sun-grown conditions, have a minimum THC content of 25%.

For the daily aficionado and ballers on a budget, this product range offers high-quality savings in 3.5g, 14g, and 28g resealable mylar packaging.


Our CUREjoints are expertly rolled from premium entire nugs to bring out the flavor of the flower and raise the bar for quality. No trimming. No trembling like you made the rolls yourself.



Our premium pre-rolls come in a range of high-end strains that showcase the greatest flower that California has to offer.

The 1-gram joint is carefully inserted into a unique tube that was created to better retain its integrity and lock in its flavor. Light one up, relax, and take pleasure in the smooth voyage.


These three-joint combo packs combine some of our top genetics and are handpicked collections of the finest cannabis strains.

You won’t be let down if you want to find a gassy way to power your day, get your creative juices flowing, or just want to relax after an action-packed day, as each of the pack names implies.


Rolled with the same top-shelf nugs utilized in our full-sized joints, these 0.35g mini pre-rolls are perfect for a solo session or for sharing in a social setting without ever feeling uneasy.

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The CUREpen provides today’s consumer with a high potency, flavor-packed, discrete way to unwind because it is made with premium THC oil and terpenes. a premium e-cigarette that doesn’t cost a premium.

The Grape Ape CUREpen Cartridge by West Coast Cure is an 50/50 Hybrid that can inspire a tranquil and joyous outlook for the average consumer. A genetic mashup between Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and an Afghani Landrace, the full gram Grape Ape 510 Cartridge is a grape-centric vape that delivers a perfect wind-down after a busy day of work.


Our Premium THC CUREpen Cartridges are a convenient way to relax from the daily grind because they are high-potency and extremely effective. You may comfortably let off some steam in more locations where traditional smoking is not permitted because to the range of strains available.

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The variable voltage battery, which is sleek, thin, and comfortable to the touch, offers a range of heat settings for a personalized vaping experience. The rechargeable device includes one Micro-USB charger and is compatible with all CUREpen Cartridges (sold separately).